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EKTS is designed to help users create virtual electromechanical systems
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EKTS is designed to help users create virtual electromechanical systems, allowing for the visualization of the way in which these systems function and the identification of possible errors.
The program offers a set of predefined elements, which can be used in the construction of electromechanical systems. To create a new system, users will have to select the necessary elements from the library, arrange them on the working space and rotate them so that they can be connected. Various models of relays, motors, time relays, switches and buttons are provided, as well as a set of simple mechanical systems, which can be used as a starting point for less experienced learners.

After a new system has been created, users can write comments about their project, while the "List used elements" function will allow them to keep track of the elements they have used in their project. Moreover, they can visualize the way their circuit works by pressing the "Run" icon.

To sum up, EKTS is a handy and accessible tool, perfect for electromechanics students or teachers who wish to practice their skills in the design of electromechanical systems. The application can be both a good learning tool and teaching aid.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The possibility to test the systems
  • System elements are provided by default
  • Handy interface


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